Why Ferrari and McLaren Debuted 120-Degree V-6s at the Same Time

Why Ferrari and McLaren Debuted 120-Degree V-6s at the Same Time

The scorching-V layout is a turbocharging set up that allows small and direct exhaust plumbing

The scorching-V layout is a turbocharging set up that allows small and direct exhaust plumbing out of an engine’s heart valley to enhance turbo performance and response. Applying that strategy to your standard 60-diploma V-6 qualified prospects to fitment difficulties, due to the fact there’s not enough room in the valley of the V to effectively mount turbochargers. It also will not function with a 180-diploma (flat) 6, as in a Porsche 911, due to the fact packaging a turbo shut to the engine and exhaust manifolds would imply mounting the engine greater, negatively impacting the car’s middle of gravity. But look at the 120-degree V-6. Both McLaren and Ferrari have, and before long we’ll be viewing the result in the McLaren Artura and Ferrari 296GTB.

McLaren M640

The McLaren M640 neatly cradles two turbochargers in the valley among widely spaced cylinder heads in a warm-V setup.


Two turbochargers in good shape properly into the wide V of the M640, McLaren’s 120-diploma V-6. But which is not the configuration’s only edge. In contrast with McLaren’s V-8, the new V-6 is far more compact in size, width, and peak, furthermore it is 110 kilos lighter. Just as with the V-8, each and every cylinder displaces about 500 cc, but the V-6’s bore measurement is now scaled-down than the stroke (84. and 90. mm, as opposed to the V-8’s 93. and 73.5 mm). Lessening the bore dimension, shifting the camshafts’ chain push to the rear of the engine, and omitting damp cylinder liners make it possible for the cylinders to be nearer together, leading to a dimensionally smaller sized motor.

Like all V-6s, the McLaren 6 is in essence two 3-cylinder engines established throughout from each other. Inline-threes have a purely natural inclination towards vibration. To quell bad vibes, a harmony shaft is mounted just earlier mentioned the crankshaft in the M640. “It has fewer vibration than the V-8s,” claims Richard Jackson, McLaren’s powertrain chief engineer.

When compared with the V-8 in the 720S, the V-6 employs slightly additional raise stress and a better compression ratio to make larger specific power—192.8 vs . 177.8 horsepower for each liter—but its 577 horses are still 133 shy of the V-8’s output. To aid shut that hole, McLaren employs a 94-hp electrical motor.

Ferrari F163

ferrari f163 v 6 engine
Ferrari went for cooling and ability, with commonly spaced huge cylinder bores. The F163 will make a combined 819 horses with the 165-hp electric motor.


Ferrari also has a new 120-diploma V-6, the F163, which differs from McLaren’s in numerous crucial locations. This new V-6 is only about two inches shorter than Ferrari’s V-8, nevertheless is pretty much 66 pounds lighter and features a .4-inch-decrease middle of gravity. Not like the process at McLaren, Ferrari engineers stored the 88.-mm bore and 82.-mm stroke of the SF90’s 4.-liter V-8. Additionally, Ferrari elevated the area among the cylinders, likely from a distance of 12 mm in the V-8 to 20 mm in the V-6. “We required greater drinking water jackets to cope with the increased thermal masses in the V-6,” says Alessandro Marchetti, Ferrari’s powertrain idea manager. In the interest of conserving about eight lbs ., Ferrari chose to forgo a balance shaft. “We use 4 diligently tuned hydraulic mounts to soak up vibration,” he suggests.

To lower turbo lag, Ferrari utilizes bolted-on small plastic castings that mix with cavities in the cylinder heads to straight feed the engine’s consumption components. “It’s essential to lower ingestion manifold displacement to cut down time to improve,” Marchetti says.

As opposed with the V-8 in the 488, electricity jumps from 169.4 to 218.6 horsepower for each liter (for this reason the need to have for the generous cooling jackets). On its have, the 654-hp V-6 is much less than 10 ponies limited of the 33 % larger V-8. The more 165 horsepower the electrical motor provides is pure gravy. So, inform everyone the globe is not flat—it’s banked 120 degrees.

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