What’s Your Favorite Car from BMW’s Rival Brands?

What’s Your Favorite Car from BMW’s Rival Brands?

We recently just noticed Carwow’s most up-to-date video clip of a BMW M3 Level of

We recently just noticed Carwow’s most up-to-date video clip of a BMW M3 Level of competition taking on an more mature Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Collection and it obtained me contemplating about rival BMW manufacturers and the cars from them that I appreciate. As BMW lovers, it can be straightforward to root in opposition to brand names like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, and Tesla but, as vehicle lovers, we should really root for any car that is cool and fascinating. So it lifted the question for me, what’s my favored car from a rival BMW model?

I’ll start off by telling you mine, which may possibly be evident from the start of this short article — the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Admittedly, I never drove the Black Sequence variant (unfortunately) but I did travel the common SLS AMG various many years back on observe and the experience I experienced is even now just one of my all-time beloved driving experiences.

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The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is an fascinating car. It was the 1st car or truck developed solely by AMG from the floor up, much like the impending BMW XM for the M Division, and it is nonetheless a person of my favourite car or truck types. The amazingly long hood, a seating situation which is pretty much on the rear axle, and the stubby roofline all make it search both equally unbelievably distinct but also classic. To eradicate any believed of my lizard brain being simply attracted to its flashy gullwing doorways, I essentially like the convertible version — and its ordinary doors — significantly far more.

But it is not the layout that makes the SLS AMG 1 of my all-time favourite cars — it is the drive. Driving the SLS AMG will remind any motor vehicle fanatic of why they love driving cars and trucks. It’s not the speediest auto, nor is it the most dynamic, but everything about it is pure theater and drama. It’s the variety of car or truck which is addictive to push and begs to be pushed more and much more, more difficult and tougher.

The causes for this are two-fold: its motor and its managing. Powering the SLS AMG is a 6.2 liter obviously-aspirated V8 motor that’s continue to my beloved engine of all time (I’ve by no means driven a McLaren F1 but I consider that’d be the only motor that could transform my brain). For starters, it will make the most extraordinary noise I assume I’ve ever heard from a highway vehicle (in man or woman, at least). I nonetheless don’t forget Motor Trend’s description of its noise in excess of a decade in the past, “The SLS essentially sounds like a flaming, nitromethane-run chainsaw cutting via a strong rocket booster.” Hardly ever has an exhaust description been so precise. At whole-chat, I have but to listen to a much better sounds.

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It’s additional than just the sound, though. The hand-built 6.2 liter AMG V8 has a mixture of razor-sharp throttle reaction and small-down torque that simply cannot be found in fashionable automobiles. With present day turbocharging, you get tons of minimal-down torque but even the best fashionable turbo engines deficiency the form of immediacy with which the aged AMG V8 provides electrical power. It’s just so satisfying to use.

Nevertheless, the SLS AMG isn’t just a muscle motor vehicle a pretty entire body with a huge motor but no managing it is essentially a wonderful sporting activities vehicle. When not as extremely-exact as the Ferrari 458 or 911 GT3 of the era, the SLS AMG is continue to a precision instrument, additional so than you might consider. Its steering is tight and correct, its chassis is balanced, and its entire body stays wonderful and flat by corners. And when it does like to oversteer when asked, it’s much significantly less snappy than you might assume. When it very first debuted, visions of Jeremy Clarkson sliding a person about in a cloud of tire smoke led men and women to believe the SLS AMG was an unhinged psychopath of a automobile but it is not. It is tidy and well balanced but will also pull controllable drifts on command.

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When you incorporate its rockstar appears with its certainly sensational engine, killer engine/exhaust soundtrack, and pleasurable-to-drive dealing with, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is just one of the coolest automobiles from this century. As a great deal as I like the BMW brand name, I’m a genuine car fanatic at coronary heart and can respect any motor vehicle which is terrific, no matter of which brand name it will come from. The SLS AMG arrives from BMW’s most important rival but it’s 1 of my complete favourite vehicles of all time.

What’s yours?