Watch This Extremely Rare Ferrari 250 GTO Rip The Track POV-Style

Dubbed internally at Ferrari as “Il Mostro,” it derived its name from cubic-centimeter displacement of

Dubbed internally at Ferrari as “Il Mostro,” it derived its name from cubic-centimeter displacement of each 12 engine cylinders.

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO with Jeff ONeill
Via Hoonigan AutoFocus

The Ferrari 250 GTO classic race car is definitely fast. However, the speed by which it has risen in value through the years is greater. Its most expensive iteration is valued at around $70 million, as purchased during an auction in 2018. Nonetheless, the heavenly value of the 250 GTO has not prevented the classic great to be driven on races. In fact, one of them will race against other classics in the upcoming Velocity Invitational in November.

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Riding Shotgun In A Rare Ferrari 250 GTO Racer

Larry Chen, Hoonigan AutoFocus’ camera genie, was able to get up close and personal with a rare 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO (#20). Seeing a 250 GTO up close is already a great thing, but Larry went beyond. He managed to ride shotgun in the 250 GTO with Velocity founder and organizer Jeff O’Neill was driving it at the Thunderhill Raceway Park.

Actually, Jeff – who has a deep penchant for vintage racing — does not own this Ferrari 250 GTO. He borrowed it from Tom Price, who purchased this GTO in the early 1980s. Tom has raced this GTO more than 200 times in different continents, and is gracious enough to lend it for another race to Jeff. In 2019, Jeff drove this GTO to a third place finish at the Sonoma Speed Festival.

A Rare Classic Touted As One Of Greatest

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO and Jeff ONeill

Via Hoonigan AutoFocus

Dubbed internally at Ferrari as “Il Mostro,” the race car derived its name from cubic-centimeter displacement of each 12 engine cylinders, with the GT standing for “gran turismo” and O for “omolagato.” As per Ferrari, the V12 engine can deliver 300 hp. Coupled with a lightweight and streamlined body formed to deliver function, this power is enough to send the 250 GTO sprinting from zero to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds.

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It is no wonder that Jeff loves this rare classic race car, of which only 36 (or 39) examples were built by Ferrari. It is not just a great warrior (as well as a winner) on the track, but also easy to handle. Its interior may be roughly built with some common instruments missing, but since Ferrari built the car for function, those details did not matter.

Ferrari 250 GTO To Race At Velocity Invitational

Velocity Invitational lineup

Via Hoonigan AutoFocus

This Ferrari 250 GTO will again grace the race track in November 11-14, but in a more competitive mode at Laguna Seca during the Velocity Invitational. It will race against some of the hottest and fastest classic cars, maybe including some of its past rivals. Definitely, it will be one of the highlights of the event.

Source: Hoonigan AutoFocus

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