This Is What We Love About The Ferrari 599XX 

This Is What We Love About The Ferrari 599XX 

Ferrari has built a reputation for producing top-quality sports cars. In 2009, the Italian automaker

Ferrari has built a reputation for producing top-quality sports cars. In 2009, the Italian automaker released a newer and stronger reincarnation of its 599 GTB model at the Geneva Motor Show. Though based on the 599 GTB, the 599XX came with several new features and is a remarkable vehicle even today

The 2-door, rear-wheel-drive prancing horse was built as a non-road edition of the 599 GTB. It was to be used for test runs on the track only. Steve Sutcliffe was the first individual with no ties to Ferrari to operate the car, and when asked about his adventure, he said, “absolutely chuffing marvelous”.

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After Sutcliffe, other non-Ferrari individuals also took part in test runs thanks to the XX program—a program that allowed affluent patrons of Ferrari to indulge in test runs lasting 6 days. For the duration of test runs on the track, a pit crew stood by to offer track-side assistance when requested. A unit of engineers also joined the pit crew on the track. Their goal? Research and development.

The Wonderful Ferrari Engine

A picture of the Ferrari 599XX's engine.


Armed with a 6.0-liter engine, the car’s rev limiter reached 9,000 rpm and had a max power output of 720 hp. The amazing output is due to a thorough job done on the engine’s combustion chambers, inlet, and exhaust tracts. Other details include a lowering of internal attrition and the engine unit’s weight.

The engineers also enhanced the crankshaft and incorporated parts like the carbon fiber employed for the intake manifold. Thanks to a unique gearbox shift technique, we see a decline in the overall gear change (60 ms). The secret behind the 599XX startling speed is something the Italians call “manettino”. It is a compact knob that can turn nine ways, and each position changes the stability control’s degree of aggression.

The Fantastic Performance Of The Ferrari 599XX

A picture of the Ferrari 599XX on motion (at fast speed).


The 599XX features an electronic innovation known as the “High-Performance Dynamic Concept”. It was developed to allow the car to attain top performance through a blend of the car’s mechanical limits and electronic controls’ capability. Designed to function in tandem, the mechanical and electronic systems achieve the utmost performance, even under extreme driving. The car’s nimble handling has increased due to the integration of the second-generation suspension system. When taken for a ride, the driver will notice a modern “Virtual Car Engineer” which can reflect the car’s efficiency in real-time. It has significantly improved track usage.

After going through several rounds of wind tunnel tests, there is a remarkable improvement in the 599XX’s aerodynamic feature. It now has a downforce worth 617 lbs. at 124 mph. The body’s front underside is equipped with a fairing, and the engineers shifted the hot air vents from the engine bay to the bonnet.

The Overall Design Changes

The 599XX Evo Is Not A New Car, Its An Upgrade Package Available On The 599XX

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For the bodywork, Ferrari’s engineers deployed a set of lightweight composites and carbon fiber. To achieve the car’s weight, the engineers applied aluminum elements. The brake pads are forged from carbon fiber and the calipers, though tinier, assure the driver of top performance. The newly created braking system also attains shorter braking lengths and is remarkably efficient.

The 599XX’s tires are slick (29/67R19 Front and 31/71 R19 Rear) and are particularly created to optimize durability while cornering to boost lateral speed. The tires are attached to 19 x 11J front wheel rims and 19 x 12J back wheel rims, respectively.

The Evoluzione (Evolution) Package

Ferrari 599XX EVO Costs, Facts, And Figures

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In 2011, Ferrari announced it had developed a modification of the 599XX and that this newer version, the 599XX Evoluzione, featured a set of redesigned aerodynamics and exhaust system. The Evoluzione was shown to the press at the Bologna Motor Show.

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Weighing less than the normal 599XX, the exhaust system was revised to allow exhaust exit via the car’s sides and not the back. This has increased its power output, allowing it to peak at 740 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. It also contains modified chassis dynamics and fresh tires from Pirelli.

Evoluzione’s new aerodynamic feature is an active rear wing design that signifies a concept known as the “opening gap”—, a concept established on the factors of steering wheel angle, longitudinal acceleration, lateral acceleration, and vehicle speed. The wing has two flips identical to the kind used in F1 and swivel by electronic means to regulate the downforce between the front and rear axles. The end product is maximum performance while in use.

A picture of the Ferrari 599XX.


One of the major accomplishments of the 599XX was its historic finish at the Nordschleife course, Nürburgring, in 2010. Ferrari announced at the Beijing Auto Show in 2010 that the 599XX had finished the race in a record time of 6 minutes and 58.16 seconds.

Pricing For The 599X

Ferrari only produced 29 units of the incredible 599XX, thereby forcing a scarcity. The Ferrari 599XX sells for between $1.5 to $1.75 million. Meanwhile, if you want to include the Evoluzione package in your purchase order, it would take an extra $250,000.

Ferrari 599: Costs, Facts, And Figures

Styled by Pininfarina, the Ferrari 599 came about in 2007 as yet another step forward for their lineup.

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