These Celebrities Completely Ruined Their Expensive Cars

These Celebrities Completely Ruined Their Expensive Cars

Money can buy a lot of things, but it cannot buy good taste. While celebrities

Money can buy a lot of things, but it cannot buy good taste. While celebrities customizing their sports cars is nothing new sometimes stars screw up so bad that a true-blue gear head just can’t ignore their mistakes without saying something. Whether it was Kim Kardashian turning her Lamborghini into a white teddy bear, or the late Farrah Fawcett turning the inside of her C3 into Grandma’s house, some stars just can’t help themselves and end up throwing their cash away on horrible interior customizations.Related: Celebrities With The Most Enviable Car Collections

Here are 8 stars who messed up their cars, in most instances both inside and out, over the years. These celebs missed the mark so horribly that one just has to look on in awe at how they ruined already perfect cars.

9 Kim Kardashian Covered Her Lamborghini With Fluff

Kim Kardashian Car SKIMS Lamborghini Urus
Via SKIMS / Kim Kardashian

Another celebrity to spit in the face of the Lamborghini gods was Kim Kardashian, who covered her entire Lamborghini Urus with fluff. And when we say covered, we mean COVERED, both inside and out.

Kim Fluff Car Via Complex
Via Complex

Putting aside the fact that a fluff-covered car exterior will be a nightmare to clean and ruins any practicality the car once had, an all fluff interior is just as bad. One can only imagine how long Kim’s servants spend vacuuming the inside of that thing.

8 Hulk Hogan’s Dodge Viper Looks Like His Sweatbands

Dodge Viper
Via Reddit

Hulk Hogan decided that his 1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 needed to better reflect his personality and what better way than to make the leather interior bright red and trimmed with yellow, just like his wrestling colors.

Hulk Hogan - Dodge Viper

If that wasn’t enough, Hulk also decided that the exterior of the car needed to reflect that look too, and thus this Dodge Viper, an otherwise sleek ride, is bright yellow and red, it looks more like a Hulk Hogan car toy one would get in a cereal box and less like the car of a former WWE champion.

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7 Jeffree Starr’s “Pretty” In Pink Rolls-Royce

Via Slayberty

The Youtube star and makeup artist decided to follow Kim Kardashian’s poor example and ruined his already perfect Rolls Royce Cullinan with a fluffed-up interior, but opting for an all-pink interior over the white fluff that Kim picked.

Pink Rolls Royce
Via: Slayberty

Starr’s Rolls Royce would sell for $330,000 unmodified, so one can only imagine how much money they wasted on customizing their interior.

6 Paris Hilton Even “Prettier” In Pink Bentley

West Coast Customs Presents Paris Hilton with Custom Pink Bentley
Via Okdiario

Like Starr, Hilton has a thing for pink, and thus she covered her Bentley Continental head to toe in pink. The exterior is a bright Barbie pink and if you thought Paris would stop there, then you don’t know Paris.

West Coast Customs Presents Paris Hilton with Custom Pink Bentley
Via: West Coast Customs

The car’s faux leather interior is also all pink, but a slightly darker shade than it is on the outside. Other celebrities have taken sleek cars and covered them with a loud pink paint job and interior, like Nicki Minaj, whose Lamborghini was also dipped in pink.

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5 Sonny and Cher’s Gold And Pink Mustangs

Sonny and Cher cars

While some are too young to remember Cher and her husband Sonny Bono as the duo act they were in the 1960s and 1970s, the pair was the equivalent of any Hollywood power couple that exists today.

Sonny and Cher's Ford Mustangs

Before their divorce, they were one of the best-selling musical acts in the United States, and the couple celebrated their fame with these Mustangs, whose exteriors were bright pink and gold but the interior was white leather. While stylish for the time, by today’s standards the cars are incredibly tacky and attract far too much attention. The cars have been sold in auction a few times, always as a pair.

4 Tekashi’s Paint Splattered Lamborghini Is Ugly On The Inside Two

Tekashi Lamborghini Aventador ruined
Via Exact Net Worth

Tekashi 6x9ine broke the brains of many car lovers when, like Chris Brown, he ruined the exterior of his Lamborghini with an eccentric and loud paint job. His splatter paint Lamborghini Aventador is considered one of the worst celebrity customizations, and the interior is no better.

Tekashi Lamborghini Aventador ruined interior
Via: Exact Net Worth

While not the worst interior design ever chosen, the bright blue faux leather seats trimmed with black are just as loud as the colors that cover the outside of the car.

3 Farrah Fawcett’s Flowery Corvette C3

Via Pinterest
Farrah Fawcett – Corvette C3

While no longer with us, the late supermodel and actress Farrah Fawcett rose to fame during the heyday of the American muscle and sports car, as such it was only appropriate that she buy herself one and customize it to her personality.

Farrah Fawcett C3 corvette interior
Via GM Authority

Why the expression of that personality was a floral print upholstery in her already stylish C3 remains a mystery. The car’s interior looked more like Grandma’s wallpaper than it did the car of one of Charlie’s Angels.

2 Justin Bieber’s Leopard Print Audi

Justin Bieber leopard Audi R8
Via Shear Comfort

Another car whose exterior was ruined was the notorious leopard print wrap that Justin Bieber decided to equip his $200,000 Audi R8 with a leopard print wrap.

Via: Celebrity Car Blog

Bieber has since toned down his Audi, changing it back to a tasteful and sleek metallic black, but a paparazzi picture of Bieber at West Coast Customs reveals that the Audi, unfortunately, still has a leopard print interior.

1 Chris Brown Ruins Every Lamborghini He Owns

Chris Brown Lamborghini Gallardo wrap job
Via Motor-Vision

The controversial R&B star seems to have a bad, and expensive, the habit of throwing his money away on Lamborghinis. While celebrities buying the expensive supercars is nothing unusual, what is unusual is all the tacky paint jobs and redesigns Brown keeps disgracing them with.

Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Gallardo at WCC

One car he painted to look like a race car. Or at least his version of a race car? Another looks like the plane from Top Gun, and another he ruined with a white, red, blue, and yellow paint job and a matching interior that makes his Gallardo look like something out of Voltron. Lamborghini’s are already immaculate examples of style and design, as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, Chris.

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