The Legendary “Collarbone Crusher” Of The 1980s

The Legendary “Collarbone Crusher” Of The 1980s

The Honda ATC110 was the most potent a few-wheeler that Honda had ever produced when

The Honda ATC110 was the most potent a few-wheeler that Honda had ever produced when it was introduced in 1979. Honda experienced launched the ATC genre in 1970 with the launch of the US90, and they would remain industry leaders until finally the demise of the 3-wheeler in the late 1980s.

The US90 is ideal remembered these days for its visual appearance in the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds Are For good, wherever Sean Connery escaped a desert lair using 1 – although being pursued by henchmen of program.

Quickly Points – The Honda ATC110

  • In the 1970s and early 1980s the a few-wheelers that had been popularized by Honda have been a common sight on beaches, in the sand dunes, and in many other locations well-liked with off-street riders.
  • Because of to the solitary front wheel and the deficiency of teaching carried out by the normal rider, the 3-wheelers rapidly developed a status for injuring their riders – one particular of the most common injuries was a broken collarbone.
  • It would be the three-wheeled Honda ATCs that commenced an arms race amongst other bike producers to make their personal variations. As the 1980s progressed the target shifted to a bit safer four-wheelers, normally recognized now as quads.
  • The Honda ATC110 is powered by a 105cc four-stroke, air-cooled, horizontal OHV single-cylinder motor. Power is despatched to the rear wheels by way of a four-velocity twin-selection auto-clutch transmission.

Osamu Takeuchi And The Electrical power Of A few Wheels

As the story goes, Honda executives were on the lookout for a new vehicle variety to enable keep revenues up all through the colder winter season months, when motorbike income usually slow down.

Image DescriptionThe ATC110 is powered by a 105cc four-stroke, air-cooled, horizontal OHV one-cylinder motor with a puller starter like an outboard engine.

In 1967 a Japanese engineer named Osamu Takeuchi was tasked with coming up with a new form of motorcycle that sellers could sell in the winter.

He labored his way by way of a array of distinction automobile concepts, from common two-wheeled motorcycles all the way up to six-wheeled ATVs. Eventually he took some inspiration from pre-present amphibious six-wheeled ATVs by borrowing their balloon tires that ended up perfect for use on snow and soft floor.

Takeuchi arrived up with a 3-wheeled layout that experienced a incredibly minimal curb fat, it unfold its excess weight out over a few balloon tires, and many thanks to its solitary entrance wheel it could split steered like a regular bike without any challenging steering mechanism demanded.

Honda place the style and design into creation as the Honda US90 and introduced it in 1970, it relished some amount of instant accomplishment but the visual appeal of the US90 in the 1971 James Bond movie Diamonds Are Permanently in a nail biting chase scene seared it into the minds of movie goers close to the earth.

Honda ATC110 Three-Wheeler 10

Image DescriptionThe a few-wheeled design and style with the single front wheel served hold the style simple and intended that it didn’t need to have a complex steering mechanism like a quad bicycle – it also made the bikes hard to ride for novices resulting in a considerable number of mishaps.

The Arrival Of The Honda ATC110

Though the US90 had proven popular, the one particular minor gripe had been a lack of electrical power from the 89.5cc solitary-cylinder engine.

A mainly redesigned three-wheeler was developed with a much more potent 105cc 4-stroke, air-cooled, horizontal OHV solitary-cylinder engine, it was named the ATC110 and it was introduced 9 decades immediately after the primary in 1979.

The ATC110 was a small greater and a good deal more powerful than the lesser 90cc and 70cc models that had come ahead of it. It was fitted with knobby balloon tires front and back again protected with wide mud guards.

Right after the launch of the ATC110 Honda would carry on on the exact same path, developing at any time bigger and more sophisticated three-wheelers right up until generation stopped in 1987, when they were being changed with the much more secure 4-wheeled “quad bikes.”

Honda ATC110 Three-Wheeler 6

Image DescriptionThe significant balloon tires ended up influenced by the layout of earlier 6×6 amphibious ATVs.

The 1981 Honda ATC 110 Demonstrated In this article

The Honda ATC 110 you see in this article is a 1981 product just the 2nd yr of manufacturing. It’s concluded with classic Honda blue and white graphics and its tires ended up changed in 2021.

Relatively couple of the hundreds of hundreds of a few-wheelers that have been created have survived to the existing working day. They have been witnessed as perilous and much less rider-welcoming than quad bikes, and as a final result many of them have been scrapped.

Original, unrestored survivors like the ATC you see right here are really collectible, and they are fantastic entertaining to experience much too so lengthy as you know what you are performing.

This ATC110 is at this time remaining available on Bring A Trailer out of Hortonville in Wisconsin, if you’d like to browse much more about it or sign-up to bid you can simply click in this article to take a look at the listing.

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