Test Drive: 2021 Lamborghini Huracán STO

Test Drive: 2021 Lamborghini Huracán STO

“Fuck, this issue is loud!” had been quite substantially all the words and phrases we

“Fuck, this issue is loud!” had been quite substantially all the words and phrases we ended up able to muster as we pounded the accelerator to the flooring although ripping laps in the 2021 Lamborghini Huracán STO at Willow Springs Intercontinental Raceway in Rosamond, California. The 5.2-liter, by natural means aspirated V10 screams in your ears like James Hetfield at a Metallica live performance.

For these prepared to trip the lightning, Super Trofeo Omologato, (trofeo usually means trophy in Italian although omologato is homologated) marks Lamborghini’s to start with hard work at generating a road auto that prioritizes observe expertise over driving on community thoroughfares. Efficiently it’s a Huracán cranked up to 11—an evolution of the Tremendous Trofeo Evo and 3-time Daytona champion GT3 Evo race autos that can be employed as a day-to-day driver.

2021 Lamborghini Huracán STO. A highway vehicle made for a lot more thrilling destinations.
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As a single would be expecting from a Lamborghini created to race, it’s bought electricity and speed. The aforementioned V10 kicks out 631 horsepower and 417 pound-feet of torque, and will get the STO from to 62 mph in 3. seconds, to 124 mph in 9. seconds, and a best velocity of 192.6 mph. So it is quick, but not totally crazy.

What is bonkers is just how finely tuned this Lamborghini is. Reaction across all facets of the auto is razor sharp. With just about every driver input—throttle, steering, brakes—the car or truck reacts instantaneously and with staggering ease. A rear-axle steering system bolsters agility. The computerized 7-speed twin-clutch, though quirky at lower revs, is so fast when having the power to the 8,500 rpm red-line that most drivers will not have to have to use the paddles—though they’ll likely want to in any case.

Testing Its Limits—But Not Genuinely

On the track, hoping to obtain the edge of grip is a bit like sailors in the 15th century browsing for the world’s conclusion. You can push and push and not discover it. Even at above 100 mph via the last flip at Willow Springs (our instructor referred to as this the sketchiest aspect of the track), the STO felt glued to the line. The ragged edge was obviously nonetheless well off in the distance.

Side profile of blue 2021 Lamborghini Huracán STO on a race track
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All that grip will come partly from a new aerodynamic setup that consists of a large scoop, a “shark fin,” and a rear wing that can be modified manually to 3 positions and increase downforce to 925 lbs at 174 mph. All in all, according to Lamborghini, the STO boasts 2 times as much downforce than a Huracán Performante.

Holding the STO related to the road, the tires are product-specific—bespoke Bridgestone Potenzas that come in two flavors, one particular highway-centered, the other geared toward the monitor. The latter, though not comprehensive slicks, refuse to let go of the tarmac even when you arrive into a corner a bit squirrelly.

When it’s time to permit off the gasoline and slow down into a change, the Brembo carbon-ceramic braking process on the STO is Formula Just one influenced and merely filthy. With six-piston, 15.4-inch discs in entrance and 4-piston, 14.2-inch discs in rear, until you invest most of your times in a race vehicle, it is tough to the two wrap your head around their ability and trust their skill to decelerate the motor vehicle.

Even braking from the major straight at Major Willow, heading properly around 155 mph, you really do not have to stand on them to get the motor vehicle back to 80 to make it into flip a person. As well as, brake temperature checking lets the driver to hold an eye on temp and status.

Closeup back end of blue 2021 Lamborghini Huracán STO
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Just about every Ounce Counts

About 75{ff73e94827869dd2b5714d793ef449233b8f00ed743c91e1b3a181dbbd187443} of the STO’s exterior is produced from carbon fiber. That coupled with other excess weight-conserving strategies, like a lighter windshield and carpetless interior negate the extra mass of the rear-wheel steering process and hold the car’s body weight less than 3,000 lbs before incorporating fuel.

That barebones cabin does luckily characteristic air-conditioning to maintain you great as the observe heats up, as nicely as a massive touchscreen centre console, which handles the motor vehicle configurations and navigation as nicely as the stereo for those people who want to cue “Enter Sandman”—though we question you’d be ready to hear it about the deafening notes of the V-10 on the observe.

Four 2021 Lamborghini Huracán STOs parked on a race track at sunset. Colors: green, blue, white and black
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Lamborghini also provides an optional telemetry system that pairs with an app so motorists can appraise their lap periods and driving applying data and video clip. Comparable to a VBOX the pros use, it’s a ideal more for everyone keen on racing their STO or just chasing faster lap periods on a non-aggressive observe working day.

Chasing speed close to a circuit is this Huracán’s function, but regrettably the individuals at Lamborghini do not hope most of the STOs they create to actually discover their way to the monitor. That is also negative for the reason that it genuinely fulfills the function for which it was developed. Anyone blessed ample to find them selves with one in their garage, we’d implore them to consider it to a raceway. Or at the very least permit us borrow it for some laps.

[$327,838; lamborghini.com]

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