See This Recreated Lamborghini Countach And Its New Owner Experience A Test Drive

See This Recreated Lamborghini Countach And Its New Owner Experience A Test Drive

The Italian supercar will always remain timeless. via Lamborghini The original Lamborghini Countach LP 500

The Italian supercar will always remain timeless.

Lamborghini Countach
via Lamborghini

The original Lamborghini Countach LP 500 was a concept car that stunned the world back in 1971, and the Countach would go on to become one of the most well-loved cars in Lamborghini’s history. The original Countach LP500 prototype was sadly lost in 1974 as the company used it for crash testing. However, Lamborghini was recently commissioned by a wealthy collector to recreate the original LP 500 and bring the car back to life, and a video released by Lamborghini showcases the car in all its glory during a shakedown test with its new owner present.

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LP 500s Owner Remembers The Original Countach

Albert Spiess is the man who was lucky enough to not only have the money but also the bravery, to ask Lamborghini to recreate the original car. He said that it had always been a dream of his to own the LP 500, as he has always been a Countach super fan. This all stemmed from having a Countach poster in his room as a kid. Lamborghini head of design Mitja Borkert knew they had a big challenge ahead to create a car originally made in 1971, and get it as close as possible to the original.

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A Staggering Achievement By Lamborghini

Lamborghini Countach LP 500 New Owner

via YouTube

Stefano Castricini, from Polo Storico Lamborghini, said that the biggest challenges were to try and be as faithful as possible to the original LP 500 seeing as the original car no longer exists. Spiess was utterly amazed by the end product and just how accurate it was to the original LP 500. Biagio De Pascali of Centro Stile Lamborghini says the company gathered all the images it could to create a three-dimensional model of the new LP 500 before they got on to recreating the full car, so they knew that they had the perfect design.

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Recreating Lamborghini’s History

Lamborghini Countach LP 500 Recreation Side View

via YouTube

As Spiess himself says in the video, the lines, color, and purity of the design are what allow the LP 500 to endear to so many people. It is simply an extraordinary-looking car, even in 2021. Castricni said that working on the project was total excitement, and like diving head-first into the history of Lamborghini. The shakedown of the car happened at the circuit of Vizzola Ticino, where the car also had its final test drives before its official presentation at Villa d’Este. Recreating this car has been a remarkable achievement and something that will surely warm the hearts of all Lamborghini fans.

Sources: YouTube, Lamborghini

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