November 28, 2021

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Modified Ferrari Rally Car Is Looking For Someone Brave Enough To Hoon It

One of the most entertaining trends within the automotive enthusiast community these days involves taking classic cars and building them up as rally or “safari” off-roaders. Just look at Matt Farah’s Keen Project air-cooled Porsche 911 with its big knobbies, light pods, and city bus interior for a primer on the craze. Whether purists will agree (they won’t), the projects certainly look fun—but it takes a certain kind of confidence to build a 1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 like this car just re-listed on the auction site Bring a Trailer in classic rallying style and then actually take it off the tarmac.

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No Spare Will Fit In The Rear Mid-Engined Trunk

Ferrari 308 GT4 Rally Car 4

via Bring a Trailer

The car actually sold for $62,000 on BaT earlier this year, though apparently the winning bidder then failed to complete the purchase. Perhaps they discovered that shipping from Belgium simply cost too much and took too long, or they realized that taking a classic Ferrari with all the Italian brand’s known foibles and subjecting it to dirt, gravel, and big bumps might prove less than ideal.

The 308 sure looks the part, though, with Alitalia livery harkening back to the Lancia Stratos legends of the 1970s, plus that hood-mounted spare tire that looks like a top hat from afar. Of course, no full-sized spare will possibly fit in the tiny rear trunk located behind the mid-mounted engine.

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Stripped And Gutted Interior With Buckets

Ferrari 308 GT4 Rally Car 2

via Bring a Trailer

The stripped interior continues the rallying theme seen on the exterior, with the carpets and climate control removed in favor of lightweight door panels, an OMP steering wheel, and redistributed factory gauges. A rally timer is, of course, par for the course, as is a Sparco fire extinguisher (probably not a bad idea knowing how finnicky Ferraris can be even while driving around town).

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Huge Air Cleaner On The 3.0-Liter V8

Ferrari 308 GT4 Rally Car 3

via Bring a Trailer

Luckily, the aluminum 3.0-liter V8 mounted transversely features a massive air cleaner up top, while the seller reportedly replaced the piston rings, seals, and exhaust valves, as well as the water pump, alternator, spark plugs and wires, and more.

The underside looks surprisingly clean for a nearly five-decade-old Ferrari that may have seen some off-roading, though the previous listing that ran in August of this year closed at the surprisingly low final gavel price of $62,000 (plus BaT’s 5% buyer’s fee). All that remains to be seen here is whether bidding for the new listing will eclipse or fall short of that figure.


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