Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae (2022) review: end of the wedge

Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae (2022) review: end of the wedge

► Last-of-the-line Aventador tested► 600 Ultimaes to be constructed, all marketed out► A flawed but enchanting diamond This

 Last-of-the-line Aventador tested
 600 Ultimaes to be constructed, all marketed out
 A flawed but enchanting diamond

This is the best Aventador in more approaches than just one. 

The Lamborghini Aventador LP780-4 Ultimae, to give it its complete identify, is the ultimate variant of the Aventador to be released, bringing the model’s 11-calendar year operate to an close. It’s also the most highly effective of the lot, with 769bhp (or 780CV, therefore the LP780-4 suffix, the ‘4’ standing for four-wheel travel). That’s 10bhp additional than the Aventador SVJ, and all devoid of turbocharging. 

Or hybrid guidance our being familiar with is that the Aventador’s successor scheduled for 2023 will also feature a V12, with a potent hybrid method to boost its energy output and kerb its emissions.

So apart from getting the ultimate Aventador, the Ultimae is also the past V12 Lamborghini supercar to be run by combustion power by itself.

How lots of Aventador Ultimaes will be created?

Lamborghini is building 250 Ultimae Roadsters and 350 Coupes, from roughly £378,000 and £345,000 respectively. All are offered out.

As a coupe, it is 25kg lighter than the equal Aventador S, offering it the identical electrical power-to-excess weight ratio as the extreme, observe-centered Aventador SVJ. 

It foregoes that car’s excessive aero, generating the SVJ the quicker automobile all-around a circuit. The Ultimae instead is a highway-concentrated motor vehicle with a cleaner shape a lot more akin to the Aventador S, with which it shares its rear-wheel-steering program. 

That explained, the top edge of the trailing bodywork is also an energetic spoiler which can lift from closed into two positions, and there is a severe diffuser beneath.

What’s it like within?

Cramped. Even if you’re of typical height, you may well come across your head quite near to the roof, whether that is the removable panels of the Roadster or the fixed-head Coupe. The seats and their place are nevertheless compromised this is a challenging automobile to get comfortable in. 

Dated, much too, with a busy centre console with an adaptation of ancient infotainment from yesteryear Audis – but then, if you’re obtaining a V12 supercar for its infotainment and its ergonomics then you are performing it incorrect.

How does it sense to travel?

The steering feels alive in your hands, the rear-steer encouraging to pivot the Aventador’s broad hips into city roundabouts. On much more open roadways, that perception of wieldiness is a lot less clear at first. It normally takes a though to totally tune your self into the auto and its suggestions, and to come to feel at one with it. But that has often been the way with the Aventador, and as the miles tick past and the preliminary intimidation fades away you start off to trust it, lean on its great lateral grip reserves (even on winter tyres equipped for this chilly springtime examination) and revel in the existence of that extremely-evocative engine at your shoulder blades. And, with the roof panels removed and installed in brackets in the entrance boot (a marginally fiddly position), revel in its sound all all around you. It’s a car that enthrals all your senses.

Carbon-ceramic brakes are typical, and pedal truly feel was outstanding in the Roadster we drove whilst a minimal additional distant in come to feel in the Coupe we drove later on the same day. 

The engine is continue to the star of the display, ideal?

It certainly is. The 6.5-litre 60º V12 appears a small industrial at idle but as the revs rise (all the way to 8700rpm if you have the nerve) its observe morphs by way of all types of timbres from baleful to zingy to raucous to mellow. It’s a soundtrack unlike any other auto. 

An Achilles’ heel is the robotised solitary-clutch paddleshift transmission it’s paired with. While it can change in as tiny as 50 milliseconds in most-assault Corsa method, in usual driving it is ponderously sluggish. After a even though, you master to brace your neck muscular tissues in progress of an upshift, to avert your head swinging forward like a nodding pet dog. 

The Aventador’s successor is anticipated to use a double-clutch transmission procedure with its hybridised powertrain. 


This not very the total halt at the close of the V12 Lamborghini supercar tale. But possibly the conclude of the key plotline in advance of the hybridised epilogue, and an electrical second volume in the decades to occur. Even though it feels its age, it’s an intensely evocative auto and one that it is impossible not to be enchanted by. 

By the identical token, despite the fact that it’s enchanting it does now really feel its age. Although its successor’s hybrid powertrain will incorporate fat and complication, it will also be a lot more tractable all-around town than the ponderous ISR (unbiased shifting rod) transmission drivetrain in this car, and the traction-taking care of capabilities of the hybrid program (predicted to travel the entrance wheels electrically) will unlock even extra agility and ability.

But it’s challenging not to lament the charismatic Aventador’s passing. It’s far from great, but there’s nothing fairly like it – in particular now it’s long gone.