Honda Insight Sleeper Becomes A Whippled Mustang’s Worst Nightmare In Drag Race

Honda Insight Sleeper Becomes A Whippled Mustang’s Worst Nightmare In Drag Race

The unassuming Japanese compact will come out flying in opposition to the Mustang GT and

The unassuming Japanese compact will come out flying in opposition to the Mustang GT and nearly humiliates it in the process.

Insight vs Mustang Featured Image
through Drag Racing and Automobile Stuff YouTube Channel

Drag racing situations can frequently spring up a surprise or too. Whether it is observing an EV consider down a little something like a Lamborghini, or a basic pickup truck that is essentially a bit of a sleeper. Drag racing has it all. This online video uploaded onto the Drag Racing and Motor vehicle Things YouTube channel reveals one of people races. On a day when imports beat the domestics, a nitrous-boosted Honda Perception just about will take down a Whipple Supercharged Mustang GT.

The Initially-Technology Insight Flies

The Honda Insight is a 1st-generation example, recognizable by the rear wheels being entirely protected up. The initial-era Insight was Honda’s 1st at any time hybrid and the initially mass-market hybrid, and it is continue to a bit of a classic to this day. No particular facts about this Perception are designed obtainable other than it has nitrous, and it traces up to take down this mighty Mustang. Even accounting for the nitrous in the Insight, the intelligent dollars need to certainly be on the Mustang, surely? Nicely, after the two cars and trucks get off the line, that all adjustments as the Perception launches absent from the Mustang and no question dumbfounding its driver.

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Bobbing Insight Just Loses Out On Win

Insight vs Mustang Launch Off The Line
by way of Drag Racing and Automobile Things YouTube Channel

The Insight can be visibly viewed bobbing up and down as it variations equipment, with the Mustang desperately supplying chase. As the two automobiles streak way the pace of the Mustang does edge it nearer and closer to the Japanese classic and perhaps annoyingly, it does just edge out the Perception. The Insight holds on and basically has a improved top speed in the stop than the Mustang with 140.14 mph compared to 136.22 mph. It was unquestionably a close race and the Perception was unlucky to lose out at the end.

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Extra Imports Acquire On The Domestics

Civic vs Mustang Drag Race
by means of Drag Racing and Car or truck Stuff YouTube Channel

The Mustang and Insight weren’t the only two vehicles going head-to-head in this video clip. A VW Golf afterwards on can take element in a drag race with a supercharged Mustang, and rather astonishingly, the very little German hatchback wins, though it really is plainly been rather modified. The closing race sees an brilliant looking turbo Honda Civic just take on an additional Mustang. It is really really a great deal two out of three for the imports on the working day. The Civic tops out at 135.67 mph compared to the Mustang’s 125.09 mph and beats the American auto with a run of 10.702 seconds vs . 11.006 seconds.

Source: Drag Racing and Automobile Stuff YouTube Channel

Honda Insight ZE1 Featured Image
Why The Very first-Generation Honda Insight Is Even now A Great Automobile In 2022

Even now, there is something very excellent about the Insight, and it however warrants a good deal of consideration in 2022.

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