F1 cars could be all similar by 2023, says Ferrari

F1 cars could be all similar by 2023, says Ferrari

With teams placing the finishing touches to their 2022 challengers, there is some hope that

With teams placing the finishing touches to their 2022 challengers, there is some hope that the more restrictive regulations will not make all the models equivalent.

For despite the fact that there are significantly additional limits in conditions of bodywork form, it is hoped that there is adequate scope for just about every group to have their have interpretations – which will make the cars and trucks appear distinctive.

But with teams predicted to make swift progress in honing in on the best solutions adopted by their rivals, there is a significant opportunity, according to Mekies, that the vehicles could seem a great deal more the identical as the principles transfer in to their next yr.

“There is a lot less independence, unquestionably,” he explained. “We are all excited, simply because it’s going to be entirely diverse as opposed to [2021]. But how unique the cars and trucks will be from each and every other? We will see.

“I believe the initial go at it, we might see sufficient difference to our liking, all of us. I think the initial go at it, you say: ‘OK, which is not as well terrible.’

“But then I assume the question we all need to check with ourselves is once six months have passed, and more importantly, after one particular calendar year has passed, so at the time you have redone your auto for 2023, will we all turn out to have exactly the very same?

“I’m not telling you that it’s not plenty of nevertheless. I’m just telling you, let’s have a excellent appear, which includes the media and, in early 2023, to see if there is however more than enough differentiations and area for teams to make a variance.”

Laurent Mekies, Racing Director, Ferrari

Image by: Ferrari

The a great deal tighter restrictions for 2022 prompted fears when they have been to start with declared that all the autos would seem the similar from the off.

Though the final verdict on that factor will not be achievable right up until teams have all released their definitive cars following month, the FIA is optimistic that there will be as a lot variation concerning designs as there has been in latest many years.

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Nikolas Tombazis, who is the head of one seater issues at the governing human body, claimed past yr that he was optimistic that 2022 cars would not be similar to each individual other for those with sharp eyes.

“It is complicated to say, due to the fact it relies upon on how qualified your eye is and your point of reference,” he stated.

“I will issue out that with the present [pre-2022] era vehicles, when essentially the conversation [about new rules] was had in 2019, were all rendered to be white and revealed to team users like teams principals and so on.

“Not all of them could get all the autos right and say which cars and trucks were being which. So even present-day [2021] cars and trucks appear very similar, and it is really challenging to say at what level they commence looking different.

“I think you will be in a position to recognise various vehicles if you’re sufficiently specialist in Method 1.”