Buried Treasure As Porsche, Bentley, And Lamborghini Cars Sink With Felicity Ace

Buried Treasure As Porsche, Bentley, And Lamborghini Cars Sink With Felicity Ace

The cargo ship, believed at a value of $400 million, joins the Titanic at the

The cargo ship, believed at a value of $400 million, joins the Titanic at the base of the Atlantic Ocean.

Felicity Ace cargo ship sinking in the Atlantic Ocean
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In a drama that rivals Leo and the Titanic, the ongoing saga of the Felicity Ace is sure to tug at the heartstrings of car lovers almost everywhere. Carrying 1000’s of automobiles, Volkswagen estimates the value of the burning cargo ship to be in excess of $400 million.

Tuesday Early morning, the operatives of the Felicity Ace noted the ship has suffered a list to the starboard side, finally sinking the vessel after its two-7 days-extensive struggle with a hearth, more exacerbated by EV batteries.

Sunken Treasure Now Available Off The Coastline Of Portugal

The demise of the Felicity Ace arrives as a shock to Volkswagen and consumers alike, immediately after studies of the stabilization of the vessel and boarding of the salvage crew. The quite similar report also mentions the crew had secured a tow-line for the ship and was en route to the secure zone, off the coastline of the Azores, Portugal.

According to studies from Bloomberg, the crew experienced been preventing severe situations as they manufactured their way back to the Portuguese Unique Financial Zone just before the ship sank around 250 miles from the coast. With a noted depth of 3,000 meters, it really is risk-free to say this will be the closing resting location for the Felicity, as the optimum depth a naval submarine can submerge is all over 900 meters.

The Portuguese Navy also reports debris in the region, and a minimal oil stain. With many vessels assigned to the website, the race to fight air pollution starts.

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Aspects With regards to What is actually Aboard The Ship

Pilot's View of Felicity Ace
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With stories surfacing as early as February 16, the cargo ship, headed for Rhode Island, inexplicably caught hearth some time following departing from Emden, Germany. The report of the ship’s demise will come just times immediately after Volkswagen verified to its car or truck customers the extent of the hurt.

Totaling nearly 4,000 cars, VW stated that 1,100 Porsches, 189 Bentleys, and an unspecified variety of Audi, Volkswagen, and Lamborghini versions are in the wreckage. In addition to shedding the remarkably sought immediately after ID.4 EVs, the sinking of the Felicity Ace could also indicate the last of the V12 Aventador are now at the bottom of the ocean.

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Volkswagen also verified that the enterprise programs to prioritize replacements, providing their buyers with the newer 2022 model yr of their previously purchased motor vehicle. Introducing insult to harm, VW estimates the incident will expense the company in excess of $150 million.

Two 911 GT2 RS
The Time A Cargo Ship Carrying Four Restricted-Version Porsches Sank

Multiple 911 GT2 RS athletics cars and trucks aboard an Italian cargo ship had been lost back again in 2019.

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