BMW debuts its electric iX flow with fluidly color-changing ‘E Ink’

BMW debuts its electric iX flow with fluidly color-changing ‘E Ink’

a bmw reworked by shade switching ‘e ink’   right now at CES 2022, BMW

a bmw reworked by shade switching ‘e ink’


right now at CES 2022, BMW demonstrated an fully new know-how which wraps its motor vehicles in a coloration changing exterior. with the use of modern digitization, a potential driver can remodel a vehicle according to various scenarios and their shifting moods. the plan is identified as E Ink, and was offered on the all-electrical BMW iX movement.


the fluid coloration changes, provided in a broad spectrum, are manufactured achievable by a specially developed physique wrap that is personalized specifically to the contours of the all-electrical athletics action vehicle from BMW. when stimulated by electrical indicators, the electrophoretic technological know-how provides distinctive colour pigments to the surface, producing the entire body skin to just take on the wished-for coloration. head of BMW team layout adrian van hooydonk remarks: ‘the BMW iX stream is an sophisticated investigation and structure task and a wonderful illustration of the forward thinking that BMW is regarded for.’

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BMW’s magical demonstration at CES 2022


the ground breaking E Ink technologies by BMW (see much more listed here) opens totally new approaches of shifting the vehicle’s visual appeal in line with the driver’s aesthetic choices, the environmental problems or even purposeful requirements. the technological know-how thus offers unparalleled potential for personalization in the place of exterior style. the BMW iX movement showcasing E Ink demonstrates this opportunity to extraordinary effect. towards this track record, the BMW group is driving the improvement of the technological know-how so that a new type of personalization can be expert each on the exterior and in the inside of long term creation autos.



the many rewards of a color modifying motor vehicle


in addition to expressing the temperament of the driver, a variable exterior colour can also contribute to the effectiveness of the car or truck. this is carried out by having account of the diverse qualities of light and dark hues when it arrives to reflecting daylight and the connected absorption of thermal vitality. a white surface reflects a large amount extra sunlight than a black a person. by implication, heating of the motor vehicle and passenger compartment as a consequence of robust daylight and large outside the house temperatures can be reduced by switching the exterior to a mild colour. in cooler climate, a dim outer skin will aid the car to take up noticeably much more warmth from the sun.


both way, selective coloration variations can aid to minimize the total of cooling and heating required from the vehicle’s air conditioning. this decreases the total of electricity the vehicle electrical technique requires and with it also the vehicle’s gas or electrical power usage. in an all-electric car or truck, transforming the color in line with the weather conditions can hence also support to maximize the variety. in the inside, the technology could, for illustration, reduce the dashboard from heating up way too a great deal.


E Ink technology by itself is incredibly energy economical. as opposed to displays or projectors, the electrophoretic know-how needs totally no electrical power to hold the picked out colour state consistent. current only flows in the course of the limited shade modifying stage.

BMW debuts its electric iX flow with fluidly color-changing 'E Ink'



how it performs


as the workforce describes, electrophoretic coloring is dependent on a technological innovation made by E Ink that is most well-recognised from the shows utilised in eReaders. the surface coating of the BMW iX circulation showcasing E Ink consists of quite a few tens of millions of microcapsules, with a diameter equivalent to the thickness of a human hair. each and every of these microcapsules contains negatively billed white pigments and positively charged black pigments. based on the preferred setting, stimulation by usually means of an electrical discipline will cause possibly the white or the black pigments to gather at the surface area of the microcapsule, offering the car or truck system the preferred shade.

BMW debuts its electric iX flow with fluidly color-changing 'E Ink'



reaching this effect on a vehicle overall body requires the application of a lot of precisely fitted epaper segments. generative design and style procedures are applied to guarantee the segments reflect the characteristic contours of the car or truck and the ensuing variations in light and shadow. the generative design and style algorithms empower the important formability and flexibility essential to tailor the epaper specifically to the design and style strains of the car.


laser slicing systems assure large precision in creating every single section. immediately after the segments are used and the power provide for stimulating the electrical discipline is related, the full human body is warmed and sealed to assure ideal and uniform colour replica throughout every coloration improve.