A guide to car engine types

A guide to car engine types

Although most of us obsess over the glance of a car or truck, very rarely

Although most of us obsess over the glance of a car or truck, very rarely do non-petrolheads pay awareness to its most crucial section – the engine. 

The inside combustion motor arrives in several styles and dimensions, each individual with its personal established and rewards and limits. With this in intellect, we have put together a little list explaining all the prevalent engine varieties so following time you do not have to stand there baffled when another person suggests their auto has a “V6” or a “boxer” motor. 

We are going to skip the electrical motors for this one particular, just mainly because there are only a handful of electric powered automobiles in Bangladesh and everyone seeking to get a single likely by now knows a lot more than we do.

Inline engines

The most prevalent kind of motor used in modern-day autos, Inline or “straight” engines are varieties of engines in which all the cylinders are placed vertically in line, or one at the rear of another.

Common format incorporates 3, 4 or 6 cylinders, even though rarer 5, or  8 cylinder setups also exist. Modest 3 or 4 cylinder inlines are economical, relatively easy and less costly to make, making them automakers chosen preference for compact and fuel-efficient cars. 

Having said that, this kind of layouts deficiency the power era abilities of far more intricate engines, and because of their straight-line style and design, develop into fewer place inefficient as extra cylinders are extra. 

V engines

To get about the size issue of inline engines, engineers arrived up with the “V” layout. In these a configuration, an equivalent selection of cylinders are positioned parallel to every other, tilted in an angle and connected to a one crankshaft. This resulting form is mostly equivalent to the English letter “V”, consequently the namesake.

V6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinder engines are most prevalent, however oddities these types of as Lancia’s V4 does make it to the production line-up when in a whilst. When compared to inline engines, the V design is much much more complicated, but can accommodate double the cylinders at 50 percent the space. The additional cylinders can be utilised to make extra ability or operate the motor smoother, earning them perfect for effectiveness and luxurious automobiles.

Because of the sheer variety of cylinders, these engines also have massive displacement, ordinarily beginning from 2,000cc and up creating V motor cars and trucks a rare sight on Bangladesh streets.

Flat engines

Flat, also regarded as horizontally opposed and occasionally incorrectly referred to as “boxer” engines (which is a subtype), are engines the place the cylinders are laid horizontally flat in opposition to just about every other. A flat motor retains the compactness of a “V” engine but is much shorter in height, ensuing in a lessen centre of mass. And considering the fact that the pistons shift versus every single other, they cancel a whole lot of their very own vibration, netting a more smoother working engine. 

On the draw back, these types of engines are much broader. The huge established up assists with the cooling (much more steel surface) but would make it really hard to in good shape on most cars. These forms of engines are also extra costly and intricate to make, creating them a to some degree unpopular choice.

Nevertheless, Subaru is an exception to this having said that. Their overall car line-up exclusively uses the boxer motor, and is made available only in all-wheel-travel, with the only exception currently being a two door RWD sports activities sedan built with Toyota. Yet another automaker that utilizes the flat motor is Porsche, whose Boxster nameplate is greatly regarded as a person of the finest sporting activities cars at any time created. 

Rotary motor

All the engines on this record use many cylinders to travel a solitary crankshaft, but this just one does not, it has none.

Developed by one particular Felix Wankel, a German with no official schooling in mechanical engineering (who also happened to be an enthusiastic member of the Nazi occasion), the rotary motor works by using a triangular rotor (occasionally termed a “dorito” due to the fact of its shape)  to transform stress into rotating motion. In a a great deal less complicated phrases, the walls of the rotor compresses the air towards the wall of the engine block, making the exact result of an motor cylinder in a a lot lesser place. 

Rotary engines are more simple, smoother, and supply a great deal of electric power for their size. But they are also gasoline inefficient, and are likely to be additional environmentally “filthy” in contrast to the rest.  

A great deal of carmakers tried to get the job done with the rotary engine, but all shelved their types for one particular reason or one more. Mazda has been the most successful of all the makes an attempt, which for a when, embraced the rotary just like Subaru embraced the boxer. Their rotary swan track is the RX-8 sports activities car, of which a lot more than a few  can be found in Bangladesh. 

That being said, Mazda is reportedly functioning on a new rotary successor to the RX-8, so we might before long witness rotary creating a comeback. 


In addition to these layouts, there are more engine models out there that are considerably wilder. There is the “VR” format, which is basically a V engine designed to in good shape within an inline engine block. Two of people from a “W” engine the greatest of these types of style would be the W16 made use of exclusively by the multi-million-dollar Bugatti hypercars. There are “X”, “H” and U kinds of engines, but those are mainly utilized for army and maritime cars.