8 Things Motorcycle Enthusiasts Should Know About The Honda CBR650R

8 Things Motorcycle Enthusiasts Should Know About The Honda CBR650R

Honda is widely revered for its automotive production capability, yet, it is equally a huge

Honda is widely revered for its automotive production capability, yet, it is equally a huge player in the world motorcycle production sphere. In 2013, the Japanese company introduced the 650cc standard and sport motorcycles. These are a range of 649cc inline-four standard and sport motorcycles, and the range consists of the CB650F naked bike, as well as the CBR650F sportbike. Notably, the range’s increased engine displacement of 650cc was achieved by giving the mill a longer stroke.

In 2018, Honda upped the game with the announcement of the CBR650R sportbike at the Milan Motorcycle Show. This new model received significant chassis and engine updates and was built with new Fireblade-style fairing. The CBR650R was produced as a 2019 model, it comes standard with ABS, and it has been in production ever since. A standout do-it-all street bike, the Honda CBR650R is a delight, and here are a few things enthusiasts should know about the model.

8 Powertrain

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The CBR650R is powered by a 649cc DOHC four-cylinder engine. The design of the engine helps it rev faster and smoother than most twin engines used by the competition in this segment, and it also delivers adequate low to midrange torque with sufficient power.

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Notably, the engine delivers a maximum output of 94 horsepower at 12,000 rpm and 46 lb-ft of torque at 8,500 rpm. Furthermore, the powertrain also features almost seamless shifts and gear ratios courtesy of a six-speed transmission.

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7 Style

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As for the style, the CBR650R is built to look like a quintessential modern sportbike. For the 2021 model, Honda spiced up the style by incorporating the model with sharp new graphics, new downsized side covers, new revised headlight covers, and a new rear mudguard with a number plate.

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Notably, asides from its other importance, Muffler is also used to add unique styles to motorcycles, and it played the same role on the Honda CBR650R.

6 Brakes

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Being a premium sportbike, the Honda CBR650R expectedly adopts a premium sportbike stopping power. The CBR650R is fitted with massive 310 mm discs with radial-mounted four-piston calipers front brakes for potent linear braking and ease of modulation.

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Complementing this setup at the rear is a 240 mm hydraulic disc brake that teams up with the front brakes to deliver an adequate aggregate power needed to effectively stop the bike at all its capable speeds.

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5 Handling

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There is an assortment of features that help the CBR650R deliver amazing handling even in diverse riding conditions. One of these features is the Honda Selectable Torque Control System (HSTC) that helps the bike deliver a peaceful cruise even during aggressive riding.

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The HSTC tunes engine output to optimize rear-wheel torque while reducing slip. Also, the bike’s handling is greatly improved through its premium new Showa Separate Function Front Fork Big Piston unit.

4 LED Lighting

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The lighting aspect is another feature used to add some bite to the CBR650R’s demeanor. In the 2019 model of the CBR650R, the bike is fitted with a stunning dual-lens LED headlight that is reminiscent of the type on the CBR1000RR Fireblade.

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As for the 2021 model, the dual-lens LED headlight emits a great, scientifically-tuned beam featuring revised reflectors. In comparison to conventionally designed lights, this CBR650R’s headlight is not only smaller, but brighter, and also adds to the bike’s sense of style.

3 Weight Reduction

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Weight has a great effect on performance. Hence, upon its introduction in 2019, the Honda CBR650R, had its weight reduced by as much as 13 pounds in comparison to its predecessor’s. This was achieved courtesy of a lighter chassis, which helps get the curb weight scale down to just 456 lbs.

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Ultimately, the effect is an 8% increase in the power-to-weight ratio of the awesome bike. The same applies to subsequent models as the bike’s twin-spar frame incorporates engine hangers, pivot plates, and other lightweight components.

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2 Unique Features

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Some features on the CBR650R adds uniqueness to the bike, making it a standout among its peers. The exhaust system is one of such features, and asides from its inimitable growl, the exhaust also adds power and style through its four-into-one system of arrangement.

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Another such feature is the CBR650R’s Y-spoke aluminum wheels. This helps the bike to a reduced unsprung weight, while the relatively lighter hoops also immensely influence the bike’s handling.

1 Instruments

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Enthusiasts would also be excited to know that the CBR650R is fitted with a rider-friendly and easy-to-read engine display. The bike was introduced in 2019 with a crystal-clear digital LCD Display that incorporates Gear Position and Shifts Up indicators for a cockpit that radiates a truly sporty feel.

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The same instrument setup was adopted on subsequent CBR650R models, featuring indicators for water temperature, engine RPM, and more, along with other conventional gauges such as speedometer and tachometer.

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