10 Things We Love About The Ferrari Daytona SP3

10 Things We Love About The Ferrari Daytona SP3

Famous for its unique feats in racing, Ferrari hits the industry with yet another breathtaking

Famous for its unique feats in racing, Ferrari hits the industry with yet another breathtaking masterpiece, the Daytona SP3! The Ferrari Daytona SP3 is the third of Ferrari’s Icona series, preceded by Monza SP1 and Monza SP2. Just when we thought we’ve had the best of the series, Ferrari launches yet another rear-mid-engine supercar that leaves gearheads in awe. The Ferrari Daytona SP3 combines a modern outlook with a retro design, and we cannot help but notice its curvaceous exterior.

Away from appearance, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 boasts a 6.5L V12 engine with a peak power of 829hp for optimal performance. Since its unveiling at the 2021 Ferrari Finali Mondiali in Italy, gearheads have continued to itch for what Ferrari brings to the table with the limited Daytona SP3, especially after a run of pretty excellent cars. So, here you have it; 10 things we love most about the Ferrari Daytona SP3.

10 Beauty And More

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Exterior Front
Via Ferrari

Although the Ferrari Daytona SP3 is inspired by classic cars, its design displays sheer modernity. The exterior features lots of design elements that do not only add to the aesthetics of the car, but also serve other purposes. Complementing the splitter below the expansive grille at the front are side intakes that enhance airflow. The headlights have retractable eyelids, improving aerodynamic properties, and the mirrors are attached to the fenders. Channeling air to the radiators are the butterfly doors.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Exterior Rear
Via Ferrari

The Targa roof panel is designed to offer beauty and enhance airflow to the engine cover. At the rear are muscular arches, integrated rear spoiler, and diffuser, creating an area of low pressure behind the car. The exterior of the Daytona SP3 is a reminder of the outstanding skills of Italian coachbuilding and arguably the best design from Flavio Manzoni to date.

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9 An Interior Like No Other

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Interior
Via Ferrari

It is almost impossible for car manufacturers to offer comfort and sophistication while keeping a minimalist design, but that is what Ferrari delivers in the Ferrari Daytona SP3’s cockpit. The dashboard looks like the coming together of two trimmed shells. The upper one has a sculptural look, and it is clearly separated from the lower one with a line.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Beautiful Interior
Via Ferrari

Just like the carbon fiber architecture in the LaFerrari Aperta, the seats are integrated into the chassis, and the wraparound design of the seats gives the driver a feeling of being cocooned in beauty and purposefulness.

8 Aerodynamics At Its Finest

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Top
Via Ferrari

The Daytona SP3 is the Ferrari with the best passive aero efficiency ever. It was vital for Ferrari to come up with cutting-edge aerodynamic solutions since the vehicle offers increased engine power output, which increases thermal power.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Racing
Via Ferrari

Designing a car that combines a stunning appearance with state-of-the-art air management solutions requires attention to detail, and Ferrari meets our expectations once again.

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7 A Car And Driver Collaboration

Ferrari Daytona SP3 on the move
Via Italy24news

Grabbing the steering wheel of the Daytona SP3 is more than driving a car. It is an establishment of a strong symbiosis between driver and car. The integration of the seats into the chassis lowers the driving position, making it similar to that of a single-seater and reducing the weight of the car.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 without roof
Via Motor1

In addition to the wraparound design of the seats, the pedal box is adjustable, meaning every driver can find a suitable position.

6 A Heart Of Stone

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Engine
Via Ferrari

At the heart of the Daytona SP3 is F140HC, the most powerful internal combustion engine in any Ferrari to date. While the powertrain does its work, what is likely to catch your attention the most is the unique soundtrack that the engine produces. The manufacturer utilizes a 7-speed gearbox and specific strategies to enhance the performance of the powertrain and make the car faster.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Side View
Via Ferrari

The redesigned intake system features a compact manifold and plenum, reducing the length of tracts and helping to deliver power at high revs.

5 Insane Figures

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Revealed
Via Autocar

As expected of most cars from Ferrari, the Daytona SP3 is fast. Its 6.5L F140 HC V12 engine delivers an incredible 830 hp and 514 lb-ft. The vehicle accelerates from 0 to 60mph in 2.85 seconds, and it has a top speed of 211 mph.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 Right Side
Via Msn

When the top speed is considered, the Daytona SP3 is almost on the same level with Ferrari 812 Superfast, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Ferrari 458 Spider, and some other fast cars from the manufacturer. However, the Daytona has the best acceleration of all the mentioned cars.

4 Super Light

Ferrari Daytona SP3 chassis (autoevolution)
via autoevolution

As a result of its engineering, the Daytona SP3 has a record-breaking weight/power ratio. Also, the composite chassis allows enhances weight distribution between the axles, which concentrates the masses around the center of gravity.

The Side View Of A Red Ferrari Daytona SP3
Via Motor1.com

The chassis is completely made of composite material, reducing the weight of the car to the barest minimum. The seat structure is integrated into the chassis, guaranteeing compact architecture. The tub is made of T800 carbon fiber, while the doors and sills are made of T1000 carbon fiber, making the car so light.

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3 Tales Of The Leaders

Three Ferrari cars finishing a race top 3
Via Ferrari

On 6 February 1967, Ferrari recorded an unforgettable feat in its sporting history when three Ferrari cars took the top three places at the 24 Hours of Daytona. 330 P3/4, 330 P4, and 412P finished in first, second, and third place, respectively.

Ferrari 330 P4
Via Ferrari

The Daytona SP3 is a combination of improved fundamentals of the three cars. Although there’s a strong history behind it, the vehicle is modern enough to meet the expectations of gearheads today.

2 Colorful Finishing Options

Yellow Ferrari Daytona SP3
Via Ruetir

Although there are only three categories for the exterior color of the Ferrari Daytona SP3, there are 14 finishing options in all. If what you want is a solid color, you can opt for any of Giallo Modena, Rosso Scuderia, Bianco Avis, Blu Pozzi, etc., finishes. The metallic paintwork category includes Grigio Alloy, Nero Daytona, Blu Tour De France, etc. The red Rosso Magma is the only special option.

Green Ferrari Daytona SP3
Via Byri

Whatever you go for, you will be getting a brightly colored exterior and mind-blowing paintwork. Using the configurator, you can also choose your preferred interior color.

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1 At Last, The “Daytona” Nameplate

Ferrari Daytona SP3
via Instagram @Ferrari

People who follow Ferrari closely must have heard of the name “Daytona” before because Ferrari 365 GTB/4 was the first car to be called by it. However, the car was not officially called Daytona.

Daytona SP3 Rear View
via Varryx YouTube Channel

It took many years, but Ferrari has finally designated the nameplate to the latest model of the Icona special, and it is a car that impresses gearheads.

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