10 Things Every Motorcycle Enthusiast Should Know About The 2022 Honda NC750X

10 Things Every Motorcycle Enthusiast Should Know About The 2022 Honda NC750X

The middleweight adventure touring segment has been on the rise, with many offerings from all

The middleweight adventure touring segment has been on the rise, with many offerings from all of the major motorcycle manufacturers competing for their slice of the pie. To spruce it up and to add competition to this booming segment, Honda is back with the 2022 Honda NC750X, which has been launched for an MSRP of $8,699 for the base variant and $9,299 for the one equipped with the DCT transmission.

This adventure touring motorcycle sees no updates from the outgoing 2021 model and retains the same powertrain, which is known for its excellent mid-range and highway performance. The DCT automatic transmission makes riding very convenient too. Excellent build quality coupled with bulletproof reliability remains unchanged as well. Here are 10 things every motorcycle enthusiast should know about the 2022 Honda NC750X.

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10 Comes With An Adequately Powerful Motor For An Adventure Tourer


The 2022 Honda NC750X retains the 745cc liquid-cooled four-stroke 55º parallel-twin motor producing close to 57.8 hp and 50.9 lb-ft of torque. With the motorcycle being made mainly for tackling those open highways, this parallel-twin motor would never leave the riders wanting for more. Fueling is done with the help of an electronic fuel injection system, and the motor has a compression ratio of 10.7:1.


The main highlighting factor of this motor is the excellent mid-range, and that is what is needed the most for a motorcycle that mainly caters to the people interested in touring. Overtakes would rarely require a downshift, and the NC750X could hold the highway speeds with no issues. Even the bottom-end torque is decent, too, which helps in riding through the traffic. However, the top-end performance is quite mediocre.

9 Both DCT And Manual Gearbox Are Offered


A 6-speed manual transmission comes with the base NC750X, which is available for an MSRP of $8,699. This is a perfectly fine gearbox with all the typical Honda characteristics. The gearbox is slick-shifting, precise, and the riders would never get a false neutral. The clutch is quite soft, too, making it an enjoyable motorcycle to ride in stop-and-go traffic.


However, the NC750X DCT is also available and that is what we recommend of the two trims. Offered for $9,299, the 2022 Honda NC750X DCT automatic is fast and responsive, unlike some of the yesteryear automatic transmissions in the motorcycles. There are none of those hunting for gear issues with this DCT automatic, and the gearbox is perfect for both cities and highways. Gearshifts are unnoticeable and are lighting quick too.

8 Comfortable Ergonomics


The straight-up riding position is what made all the Honda NC750Xs one of the preferred motorcycles of the segment. The rider would experience very little stress and fatigue due to this riding position. Along with that, the handlebar is not too rear-set and that is great for relaxed cruising. The footpegs are well-positioned too.


The long and wide rider seat is well padded and is generally more comfortable than the Kawasaki Versys 650. There is more than enough legroom to move around. The same applies to the pillion seat, which also offers decent legroom.

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7 An Exceptional Long Distance Cruiser


If you are on a tight budget and if you can’t afford a proper heavyweight adventure tourer like the Kawasaki Versys 1000 or the Suzuki V-Strom 1000, the 2022 Honda NC750X should be on your shortlist, as the highway riding dynamics and comfort is quite similar. This motorcycle is rock solid at highway speeds and doesn’t get affected by the crosswinds.


There is also an adequately tall wind visor on offer, which does a decent job when riding at the highway speed limit. However, above that, the rider will experience quite a lot of wind buffeting. The tall gearing of the motorcycle is another factor that makes this motorcycle an excellent highway performer. It could do the highway speeds all day long with the engine barely ticking over. A pliant suspension setup is offered too.

6 Street Riding Is Quite Manageable


Comfortable seats coupled with a straight-up riding position makes the Honda NC750X a decent motorcycle around the congested city streets. The seat height of 31.6″ is not too tall, and the curb weight of 472 lbs feels featherlight when the motorcycle starts moving.


The light handlebar, pliant ride quality, and smooth gearbox also contribute to the comfort of the motorcycle in the cities. However, the weight of the motorcycle could be an issue, especially when applying the brakes, as it is a bit front-heavy. Hence, the front-end dive of the NC750X would need a bit of getting used to.

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5 One Of The Most Fuel Efficient Offerings In The Segment


This parallel-twin motor of the NC750X is quite famous for its top-notch fuel efficiency. Coming with no changes to the powertrain, the 2022 Honda NC750X with the DCT automatic transmission is capable of more than 60 mpg, which is quite good for a motorcycle with automatic transmission.


With such an impressive gas mileage, many would expect the tank range to be the best of the segment as well. However, the 2022 Honda NC750X only gets a 3.8-gallon fuel tank capacity, which is not up there with the rest of the rivals. That results in a combined range of somewhere above 230 miles, which is pretty decent. However, the 2022 Honda NC750X misses out on the riding modes, which would have helped to churn out better figures.

4 Digital Dash Is Pretty Basic


Some of the rivals, like the 2022 Kawasaki Versys 650, comes loaded with all the features for the digital dash and that makes the ride very easy. However, that is not the case with the NC750X. This motorcycle gets a pretty barebones digital instrument cluster, which is only capable of displaying only the basic information.


Information like speed, tachometer, odometer, trip, time, gear position, fuel gauge, etc is displayed. The screen is reasonably bright, and the rider wouldn’t have any complaints about the overall usability of this cluster. However, the lack of Bluetooth connectivity is a major deterrent for the 2022 NC750X.

3 All The Basic Features Are Onboard


Even though the 2022 Honda NC750X is a pretty inexpensive motorcycle for the middleweight tourer segment, Honda didn’t cut short on all the required features. This motorcycle comes with the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and ride-by-wire throttle, both of which make the riding experience quite pleasant.


Other features like disc brakes with dual-channel ABS, an integrated storage compartment, and the dual-clutch automatic transmission are offered. The LCD digital instrument cluster, even with a few features missing, is pretty useful for all the regular needs as well. A slipper clutch and a windscreen are onboard too.

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2 Braking Needs A Bit Of Improvement


The braking performance of the 2022 Honda NC750X leaves a lot to be desired. The front end of this middleweight adventure tourer comes with a single disc with ABS and that is not enough to anchor down this 472 lbs motorcycle. The bite is mediocre and the front-end dive is high too. However, brakes offer decent progression.


The rear brakes showcase an even poor performance and feel like it is not enough for sudden stopping. This single-disc setup also has terrible initial bite, and hence the rider would have to stomp on the pedal to make a quick stop. Nevertheless, the ABS works perfectly and doesn’t feel as intrusive as the one in the Versys 650.

1 No Major Heating Issues With This Twin-Cylinder Motor


The liquid cooling technology on board coupled with the 4-valve design helps the 2022 Honda NC750X to manage the heat output reasonably well. Even though the rider would feel the heat during the peak traffic, as the heat from the radiator fan does make its presence, it is not unbearable like the KTM Duke 790 Adventure.


The low compression ratio of 10.7:1 is another factor that helps in controlling the heat output, as the motor isn’t very stressed. The radiator fan kicks in when required and doesn’t make its presence felt, unlike some of the rivals. At no point in time did the 2022 Honda NC750X overheat. Even the owners of the motorcycle were pleasantly happy with the low heat output.

A Honda NC750X
The Honda NC750X Is The Perfect Workhorse Motorcycle

The Honda NC750X is a versatile and impeccably-engineered two-wheeler that oozes technological sophistication.

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