10 Celebrities Who Can Probably Never Buy A Ferrari Again

10 Celebrities Who Can Probably Never Buy A Ferrari Again

What does it take to buy a new limited-edition Ferrari? Money, power, a good relationship

What does it take to buy a new limited-edition Ferrari? Money, power, a good relationship with the local dealer? Well, it turns out that it takes all of those things and more, as Ferrari is notoriously picky with who they choose to sell their cars to. A potential buyer of one of the brand’s most exclusive models will be vetted for their affiliation to the brand, their public image, and of course their financial ability to buy more Ferraris in the future.

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Being a celebrity probably helps too, but only Ferrari executives know the exact formula that qualifies someone as worthy of owning a rare Prancing Horse. As these ten celebs have all found out at their own expense, just because you’re famous, it doesn’t automatically mean that Ferrari wants you to buy their new cars. Some of them have fallen foul of the company’s strict rules around image, some have been banned for going broke and some don’t even know why they’re not allowed onto the VIP list. Let’s take a look into the facts, reports, and rumors surrounding the infamous “blacklist” and see which famous faces won’t be getting their hands on a rare Ferrari any time soon.


Tyga LaFerrari

Via Instagram / Tyga

The first of several musicians and rappers on this list, Tyga is best known for his previous relationship with a then-teenage Kylie Jenner. For her 18th birthday, the rapper bought her a Ferrari, but it’s very unlikely he’ll be able to do that for any of his future girlfriends.

Tyga Rapper

Via PageSix

In the past few years, Tyga has become infamous for buying cars and then not paying their leases, leading to at least two of his cars getting repossessed. One of those was a Ferrari 458 Spider, with the company eventually suing him for not paying back the money he owed on the lease.

Chris Harris

Chris Harris Ferrari Mondial

Via YouTube / Collecting Cars

Before gaining worldwide recognition as a presenter of the post-Clarkson era Top Gear, Chris Harris was a well-respected car journalist who occasionally voiced his opinions on what he considered shady practices in the industry. In 2011, he wrote a piece calling out Ferrari on their system for letting journalists review their cars.

Chris Harris Ferrari Mondial

Via YouTube / Collecting Cars

Essentially, he accused them of bending the rules to make sure their cars always got top ratings from magazines and publishers. Ferrari hit back and claimed his accusations were false and misleading, and then promptly banned Harris from ever receiving a loaner car or from buying one of their cars new.

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna Ferrari California Pink

Via Empire BBK

Model and influencer Blac Chyna has built a career off of staying in the headlines, and to do that she’s had to pull a host of attention-grabbing stunts. These stunts have included showing off two custom Ferraris, a California wrapped in bright pink and a 488 with bright red wheels.

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Blac Chyna Ferrari Steps On 488

Via Instagram / Blac Chyna

Ferrari takes a dim view of people who use their cars for attention, and so she’s reportedly banned from buying another new Prancing Horse from any dealership. It probably didn’t help that the man she allegedly cheated on her boyfriend with went by the nickname “Ferrari”, too.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather

Via Marca

Considering he’s the wealthiest boxer of all time, many people would assume that Ferrari would be all too happy to sell cars to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Well, that’s not the case, as reportedly he’s on the blacklist despite his vast wealth.

Floyd Mayweather Bugatti

Via Daily Star

This is largely down to his tendency to sell cars after just a few months of ownership, as he buys them primarily just to show them off. He’s never shown much interest in actually collecting cars, a trait that Ferrari values very highly, and so he’s been put on the list with the rest of the “unworthy” celebs.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Car

Via Top Speed

While there’s never been any way to confirm the rumor, it’s thought that Kim Kardashian was on Ferrari’s blacklist for several years. That’s apparently because she accepted a Prancing Horse as a wedding gift from a known financial fraudster in 2011.

Kim Kardashian Car SKIMS Lamborghini Urus

Via SKIMS / Kim Kardashian

It’s not known whether she is still banned from buying one, as Ferrari would never make a public statement on such a thing and Kim is unlikely to let the world know that she’s been rejected by a car company. However, given how strict Ferrari are with their image rules, it’s very likely she’s still on the blacklist today.

Preston Henn

Preston Henn Ferrari Collection

Via Swap Shop

One of the most puzzling celebrities who have been denied Ferraris is Preston Henn, a businessman and former racing driver who was an avid collector of the brand. Among other models, he owned a 275 GTB/C Speciale, one of the most expensive Ferraris in the world.

Preston Henn

Via Swap Shop

Despite all that, he was denied a place on the purchase list for the LaFerrari SA Aperta. He took great personal offense at this snub and filed a lawsuit against Ferrari, arguing his reputation as a Ferrari collector had been damaged by the decision. He eventually dropped the lawsuit but died a year later without ever being able to purchase the car.


Deadmau5 Ferrari Nyan Cat

Via Hotel Sobrado

Music producer and artist Deadmau5 is responsible for one of the most high-profile disputes with Ferrari in recent times, and it’s all thanks to his Nyan Cat-themed 458 Italia. He showed off the brightly-colored modified car at several car shows and was regularly seen in public driving it, but Ferrari didn’t approve.

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Deadmau5 Ferrari Nyan Cat

Via DiscoverKars

They sent him a cease-and-desist letter and after some legal wrangling Deadmau5 eventually had to sell the car to a new owner. The whole saga left both parties annoyed and so it’s unlikely that Deadmau5 would ever want to buy another Ferrari again even if he was allowed to.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber In Car

Via YouTube / MTV

Another rumor that’s never been officially confirmed or denied is that pop superstar Justin Bieber is banned from Ferrari dealerships thanks to the aftermath of a drunken night out. In 2016, Bieber lost his modified 458 after an evening spent partying in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber

Via Refresher.cz

He parked the car with a valet somewhere but he got so wasted that he couldn’t remember where he’d parked it, and it took one of his assistants a full three weeks to find the car in the parking lot of a fancy hotel. Ferrari never officially commented on the incident, but reports say that it was enough to get him put on their banned list for life.

50 Cent

50 Cent Rolls-Royce

Via YouTube / Good Vibes

If there’s one way to really rile up a car brand that cares deeply about their image, it’s to buy one of their cars and then moan about it online. Rapper 50 Cent’s 488 wouldn’t start thanks to a dead battery and had to be towed, so he took to Instagram to voice his complaints.

50 Cent Broken Ferrari

Via Facebook / 50 Cent

He called the car a “f***ing lemon,” which presumably left a sour taste in the mouths of Ferrari’s PR department. It’s unlikely after that little incident that anyone’s going to be seeing Fifty with the latest Ferrari again unless he’s posing alongside someone else’s car.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Ferrari Enzo

Via AllAutoExperts

Actor and long-time Hollywood local Nicolas Cage have earned a fortune over his lifetime, but he reportedly blew all of it at one point. His string of successful films over the ’80s and ’90s had made him millions, and he spent a lot of that cash on an extensive car collection, including purchasing a $1 million Ferrari Enzo back in 2003.

Nicolas Cage

Via YouTube / Netflix

By 2009, he was broke and forced to sell all his properties and cars or face bankruptcy. This meant all of his prized Ferraris had to be auctioned off, which the brand was not pleased with at all. They reportedly banned him from buying a new car for life as they believed this unfortunate episode had hurt their brand.

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